How are Drink By dates calculated?

Collection beers have a ‘Drink By’ column at the end colored to indicate freshness. This can be edited by the user like any other field, but starts with some fixed logic for determining Drink By date and Freshness. 


  • Green if today is > 1 week from Drink By Date
  • Yellow if today is < 1 week from Drink By Date
  • Red if today is after Drink By Date

Drink By Date starts using Bottled Date if provided, defaults to Date Added to the collection otherwise, then checks Style:  

  • 90 days added for IPA or Pale of any kind (imperial or otherwise).
  • 120 days added for Lagers.
  • 2 years added for Sours (Lambics, Gueuzes, etc) 

Any beer not matching those specific Style criteria given time based on ABV:

  • 150 days for ABV < 8
  • 1 year for ABV between 8 and 10
  • 2 years for ABV > 10

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